monday 1.48: this week’s a breaker

The return. Stretch is here nestling some beer, watching the rain dripping off the end of my munki nose. The next week of my littul munki life will determine a lot. Lots of decisions need to be made and I’m not taking about whether playing 70s Brazilian funk is useful on a rainy day or whether playing terrapin tennis is ethically sound. I’m talking REAL decisions. Decisions that could stop this mlog altogether… Decisions, yes decisions! What to do? Empty brains lead to empty lives, according to my vet.

Well, hey, what the fuck does he know? I need some Perry Farrell. He’s an asshole, but every time I stick on “Three Days” it brings me back to when I was fourteen, sitting on my window sill, smoking a joint and hearing the song for the first time. A magical moment, until I fell out my window.

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