How much is acceptable these days as a wedding gift?

This futile longing can be goddam unbearable sometimes. But hey, a small remedy is the knowledge that the Weddoes are coming back to Dublin in November. As a live band they are as infuriating as the Fall, depending usually on Gedge’s moods. This tour is to celebrate twenty years since Bizarro was released. It is probably their best album, with the classics “Kennedy” and “Brassneck” and also this tune about Ford motor cars (ehhhh?), “Granadaland.” Anyway, back to my eternal longing. Small and perfectly formed. Is it a chinchilla? No. Is it Uruguay? NO. Is it a macaroon? Noooo. Does it give you palpitations? Why yes it does? Well, munki, you may be experiencing the change! But I’m a male munki!

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