Three…Two…One…It’s ovah!

Seems like I’ve been a little foolish for the longest time. A little munki who’s a little foolish over a little thing, well I nevah!

Time to re-enter some kinda reality, although most realities are unreal to Stretch, so best leave them alone. It’s hard though, coz the reality I’m existing in at the moment is intoxicating and extremely addictive, but how far does a munki dive into a reality before the reality spits him back out again? How far, I axe ya? I sought professional help, but couldn’t find any psychologists or philosophers or psychiatric nurses, so I opened up my contacts book under THE ACTING COMMUNITY and after countless phone calls could only reach one man. I swallowed my pride and asked Paul Michael Glaser of Starsky and Hutch fame what the hell he thought.

I don't even have an opinion! Did you take my crayolas?

I ask the questions here asshole! Thanks though Paul. I know you’re a busy man! HA! Anyway Elvis makes me feel unreal, especially this! Love is still to be found – in the oddest of places. Maybe I’ll sing this song out the window and freak out the neighbours.

While playing “I wanna be your Dawg” on the guitar the other day, Little Stretch crawled over and started some form of headbanging in front of me. I was so proud. He’s all that matters, the little dude. Oh yeah, that’s the reality.

1 thought on “Three…Two…One…It’s ovah!

  1. I didn’t mean to like this, but I accidentally did. I am not vain, although I do preen quite a lot. What does preen even mean?

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