Plink plink

So it’s over. I have a Lemsip drip and an evil case of time loss. Meeting mental people, including one who seemed to be able to garner alcohol and fags off people with his little finger during the Fall. In society, what he did would not be acceptable. Meeting people I work with was full of weirdness… Met one while badly wiped and about to engage in open warfare on two small children; one who while badly wiped and needing to piss badly, so talked at him a three thousand miles an hour, while Dr Ballantine Baines cackled at him and screamed “they’d need a big bloke like you where you work, eh?” Finally breakfasting on Rum on Saturday meant a pretty peculiar conversation with an angel where I may have not, despite my best efforts, put on that sober a face and as I was on my own at the time, may have come across as a colourful tramp or general weirdo. Although sometimes I can be damn convincing, as all of those things… My previous conversation twenty minutes earlier was to try and convince two workers who were selling pork burgers in a forest that they should assassinate their boss. Not the Mama, indeed. Amyway, I’m fucking tired, so I will elaborate later.

So yeah, the Fall, Laurent Garnier, PIL, Jonsi, Bad Lieutenant/New Order, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Fight LIke Apes,the Afro Celts, Leftfield all delivered. Suprisingly good gigs by UNKLE (mental gig) and the demented but lovely reggae ska of Al Capone and the Dubcats (more later on that one).

The amazing Bonobo took an empty field and filled it by their third song. He did not have my barbie. Only disappointment for me was Hot Chip, the crowd loved them an all but I just found them annoying, a rare case of something not really sounding right live, but that’s just me.

Here’s friday night action. You can just about see my munki-head up the front at P.I.L. getting bruised but doing evil things to one crowd surfer. He will tell his children one day: one day they will know why Dad’s the way he is.

So, ridiculous amounts of alcohol, one fearful night being attacked by water, just one major regret (the usual) and an incident with my teanga beag which caused me to exercise my gag reflex and others too. Oh man.

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