I don’t wanna be there/Balloon animal hell

Stretch status: Very, very, very tired. Very, very, very blah about everything. Disillusionment is affecting me. People losing their minds around me. Stranger in a strange land. Need an ENORMOUS up…

As that drunken fat pie-man sang, “I’ve been down so goddamn long, that it feels like up to me.” I think it was Lonnie Donegan or Bobby Brown, one of them.

This video (below) is kinda how I feel. Hyperreal. Kudos again to UNKLE for rocking the Electric Arena on Saturday night. Kudos also to the XX for winning that ridiculous Mercury Music Award. They really are a hyped band who are worth the hype. Such cool, horizontal music. Strange ceremony, full of pointlessness. It didn’t help that the camera kept on cutting to that dude from the Villagers who looked like he’d just been abandoned by his folks at Hogwarts. Poor chap.

fly on my sweet angel, Fly on through the sky…

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