Cheese + horsies= Marscaponies

that’s not funny, but anyway…

For all their bullshit orchestral leanings and carefully produced albums, people tend to forget how good Mercury Rev were before they went all serious. Boces was an album I listened to incessantly as a stoned teenage monkey. Whenever I would see a girl I liked or some such, I would sit there with the agony of nasty stomach butterflies and listen to this song, picturing myself sitting with my legs hanging off a harbour at dusk, staring at the orange and blue rippling water lapping against the side of the dock. The smell of the sea and salt filling my nostrils and the far off cries of children at a funfair ringing in my ears. Just me,  fantasising about a small moment stolen with the girl, a look or just adjacency (bad Stretch, that’s not a real word) which would give me a warm feeling inside and make the world seem like a better place. I could have died in those moments.

However, by this stage, the girl would be long gone.

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