Washyerselfangototheshop/it’sfridaynightmare/Woke up in someone else’s reality

Stretch here. That is not what this song is about.

Last night while eating a banana and pondering the inpondereable, I came to the realisation that I should do some work and stop pondering for my pondering was interfering with the ponderous nature of my job.

Then I did something stupid. I regret it now.

This song must be listened at full volume for full effect. It’s one of my favourite songs and it mirrors the schizoid nature of this munki… Keep a lid on it, they said! I said, NO! or YES!

Slint album cover pic taken by Will Oldham, whodathunk?

The new iPod shuffle is so small that methinks it is a ploy by the evil Apples so peops will lose the littul devices

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