day of mutant insanity and enough homemade pizza to piss off a ploughing champion

Thank every last fuck there is that today is over… I am

A lot of people have been arriving at Stretch’s site over the past few days, because they searched for “Glenda Gilson DEAD.” Is there something going on out there I should know about? Is Ronnie Drew doppelganger, Gilson about to be bumped off?  If this is the case, don’t fucking implicate me in it. Fucking weirdos.

Although I really like Shane Meadows, and This is England 86 is top quality, it is nevertheless a kick to the head, when a small munki needs a light comedy like Terry and June or Ever Decreasing Circles. My older Golden Retriever has proved yet again to be the sanest entity in these parts. This is all very random and unnecessary. Here’s some more music. They actually use real mirrors to hammer home the point. Kudos dudos.

Actual mlogs to come soon. Random gibberish til then. At least my music taste is sound, I suppose. If it isn’t to your liking, then FAAAAAAAACK OFF

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