You’re rare as the yeti. Not quite as pretty…

This song came on today and the feel of it reminded me of a short article that I have supposed to have written for the last six months about the Irish Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just can’t bring myself to do it. Can’t figure why. Anyway, today was a less mental day than yesterday, which wouldn’t have been hard. Still something of a cool nature was missing….dotdotdot. Now, BEER!

also, check out Rotters Golf Club for Andrew Weatherall’s new Double Gone mix. They’re gggggrrrreaaa, fucking deadly! Also, Fight Like Apes play Tripod on Saturday 27th of November. Saw them at ElecPlinkPlink and they rocked the place. Seemed stupid that they were hidden away in a smaller tent, considering their media saturation. Apparently her mother is Kathy Sheridan from the newspaper of record. Whoda thunk?

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