Wallabee muthafucka?


You know there’s a deeply shit situation going in Irlanda when the dirty peoples of Dubalin are giving up on their own kind and trying to mate with marsupials. If ever the words “exterminate the brutes” ever seemed perfick, it is in this situation. People with the ability to procreate yet their sperm actually has “I am unlikely to ever learn shit” branded on it. There is a case for boxing gloves to be administered.

ODing on 4OD right now. 10 series of Whose line is it Anyway? right in front of me. All those great old Channel4 sho

Oh you sexy beast

ws I used to watch. As a very, very stoned Stretch I would watch Equinox to counteract the obvious decay that was going on in my over-predicamented head. Click on here for a full list of the shows. They even have Chelmsford 123. Christ. Sorry, I know its like I’ve just discovered a piece of technology that everybody else already knows about. Look a wheel, deadly.

My addiction level is high. As any addict knows, it’s impossible to ever be sorted. You think you are finally getting there, you are away from it for a while and then it appears in front of you and you fall in love with it all over again. You see it looking at you and you look away. You try to reason that if you can’t see it, then you wont want it. You try to be responsible and think about the negative energy that is created when you drift into that world. You see the golden glow and force yourself to step back and try to gain distance and maybe, maybe there’s a way to accommodate it into your life, but it appears unlikely. You feel like one of those old Film Noirs where reason is something not in existence. You are blackness, it is blackness (kinda like Sunn O)))).  Bad munki, bad, bad munki. In the end you tend to dive right and in and become really stupid. It is so, so beautiful and can’t be avoided. Havana Club 7-year old rum, you will destroy me. Clink clink.

Now, listen to what happened to the Beta Band when Alvin and the fucking Chipmunks invaded their goddam space.

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