This came on my ever-expanding shuffle today. I had forgotten how nice this song was.
Got me thinking about the nature of entitlement. Every munki knows that you are not entitled to every munki thing, however you tend to think you are anyway. This leads to problems as realistically what you are entitled to doesn’t equate with the amount you feel you are entitled to. The risks of feeling entitled are plain to see, as there’s no guarantees to any of your entitlements, whether they include things which you are actually entitled to or not. Those things you are entitled may never seem enough or their nature changes, as does yours and then everybody’s fucked. The limits of your entitlements cause huge frustration and resounding resentment, despite the knowledge that is there, which is that you already know the extent of your entitlements. So, you get it sorted. You are entitled to this and you are entitled to that, but not that and definitely not that, coz THAT will fuck every munki thing up. So you feel entitled to sit back and relax, smug in the knowledge that you are now a rounded individual. All the same though, there’s always one prohibited entitlement that can y’know make the little munki in you sad with longing.
Know what I mean?

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