it’s not how you fall it’s how you land

Here’s some nice moosic from La Haine and then “La Haine” by ADF. The circle is now complete say Darth Vader, who only go an fackoff to Kebab shop and not buy nuffink for nobod on way bak. Prick.

Wot a weird day?………….dotdot I have so much to tell you, but my hand is over my mouth in an over dramatic gesture, so you’ll just have to wait…By you I mean the people who search for “Glenda Gilson” and “…pick a body part or action.”

It’s usually “Glenda Gilson DEAD” but today it was “Glenda Gilson leg.” I’m not sure which one. Probably her right, because that’s a good 5-inches longer, due to the smokes, y’know?

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