Streeeet spirit fade out please/mine’s a rum


Is there an expression “biblically stupid”? anyway, here’s a character from it… There’s seems to be a lot of misogyny in RTÉ these days…weird…

I just turned off the television…my brain has gotten smaller…the last thing I heard was “and find out what happens when one of Santa’s reindeer doesn’t love him anymore.” Stretch was talking to Ol Papa Stretch on the teleophonething and Stretch asked was a certain person an alcoholic, and Ol Papa Stretch said, “What defines an alcoholic?” So, while chatting, I searched the net for “What defines an alcoholic?” and it brought me to…aaaaaannnnnddd the first thing it says is,

“If you have to ask whether or not you are an alcoholic, you are an alcoholic.”

Hello, my name be Stretch and I is an alcoholic. Stupid internet. Anyway, here’s some songs that feel right for not so drunken Stretch.

No doubt about it, you can’t live without it!!

and this is Rory Gallagher, not Justin Bieber…yi dig?

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