shit and more shit

Squishy…shit…more shit…then shit all over the place.

Parenting is nothing more than developing a tolerance for shit

The sexiest woman in this crop... made to make your mouth water... She say "Rrrroowchh"

Otherwheres, Stretch has developed a monstrous crush on Joan Burton. I try to imagine having the sex with her, but it always ends up in a violent beating, for me. She so hot, she makes Stretch nipples erect, but then she beat me and me go all floppy nipples. When she draw my bath, first the shampoo, then the waterboarding. She like, me gurgle… At her most lusty she scream “take that Vincent,” at me until I relent! and purse my lips

A political powerhouse, a powerful house of politics, a wagon of working class socialism, a purveyor of passionpolitics, a reason to lock your doors at night… a gaggle of gombeenism… a cradle of filth… a hairdo of hell… a mouth of fishwives… always dressed in red…always dyed red.. as righteous as Rasputin… ahh ahhh ahhhhhh leave me alone Joan. The bruises just wont go away…

What to do? What would you do?

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