Scarred for life/Bieberedbuttahfli

You think it's easy, hah? One day I will be as interesting as Peter Ustinov. You just wait an see


Stretch right there! Valley!

This is pretty much Stretch’s place in the world. Sitting on a branch, slightly confused. Watching people, wondering when I’ll get the power to brainwash them…it’ll happen. soon

Meanwhile, still laughing hysterically at the performance of The Black Eyed Peas at the Superbowl last night as compared to the actual show they put on. There was something epic about how shit they were, especially when Fergie, obviously realising things weren’t going well, would bellow some nonsensical notes into the night sky, as if to add some soul to the proceedings. Then Usher fell out of the sky and Cher-d his way through half a sentence, before dancing very impressively. This, however, is the equivalent of telling an unfunny joke, receiving awful silence and following with,

“Will I do a dance?”

I laughed and laughed. Thank you Superbowl, that was fucking funny. Next year, Justin Bieber will be sterilised on stage, complete with dancers. USA! USA! USA!

this is bettah…I’m reading Horace Panter’s book Ska’d for Life: A Personal Journey with the Specials, which is great…

Although these days, like D’Angelo Barksdale, you are forced to scream the question,

“String! String! Where’s Dammers String? Where’s Dammers? Where’s Dammers String? Where’s fucking Dammers String? Where the fuck is he? Huh? String! STRING! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! WHERE THE FUCK IS DAMMERS?!”

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