ya think yer a roide?

Oh good fuck… Ride‘s Nowhere album is 20 years old.

I had the big white t-shirt saying RIDE in pink on the front and TASTE on the back and floppy hair and acne and cigarette stains on my fingers.. I listened to that fucking album until the magnetic tape was worn out. They never excelled after that…well as far as this munki reckons, but up til the end of the first track on the next album “Leave them all behind” they were just what a spotty teenager needed. Music to stare at yer feet to, feel melancolm and an excuse to light up yet another precious and sit back until you blissed out to a far away planet.

Bleedin deadly as Irlanda peoples say..listen to this lot from the album and tell me you don’t like it. Tell me, go on, go on, try it wise guy…Go out and buy the anniversary edition. I’m not going to coz I still got the tape.

Kudos Dudos

thanks Grungeriver. The world owes you one or two, but not three.

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