Stretch Songs of Joy 2010 parto duo:Home invasion

Stretch songs of joy pretty late yeah

Mad things…mad things….mad things… dad things… galahad things… fad things. spootnik

Well it had to happen, the angel is leaving and I am feeling prematurely bereft. Had to happen s’pose. Yi can’t want something and then deny yourself it at the same time…Jus doesn’t compute..

This one's broken. Ann, where's Nancy? Well, did you eat her? Annnn!

Stretch MacGibbon is generally a right thinking individual with a wrong thinking brain. Over the last year and a half the wrong thinking brain has been in control, or has it? Well? You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you? Well, if you do contact me and explain it…If you really want me, I am here.

The ruination of the situation is the stagnation of the alternative…BBBBUt this is where my music taste comes from… the constantly evolving mind bubble that sends forth these great songs that have an essence that appeals to the Stretch mind, like what a Kylie song does for a guy in a denim shirt, what Coldplay does for unemployed accountants or what gangsta rap does for spotty Irlanda youths. When it plays, it travels deep inside you and you are that demographic….yi ken?

Anyway, here some more reasons why my musical mind was tickled in 2010…

The happiest of Valentinoness to you all. I hope your big red heart pumps more blood than mine will….ciao

Flying Lotus – Mmmhmm

It’s kinda weird to have the Suicidal Tendencies bassist sitting on a rock in the middle of some cosmic acid trip… But in the washing machine world that exists around Flying Lotus, anything is possible. Although critics have been dribbling about Cosmagramma this year, it is to me anyways, nowhere near as good as Los Angeles or indeed 1983. Indeed.  But that could be just me. When I stood on the hip-o-meter in my local chemist, it turned out to be a weighing scales. I am 12 and a half stone and unsure whether I am hip or not… That hip factor reminds me of the gushings that greeted every Prefuse 73 album a couple of years back. It is my mandate not to gush. If I am ever shot blood will seep or languish around my wound, but never gush. There’ll be no gushing on my munki watch.

Anodyne – Close your eyes (Autechre remix)

Imagine you are in a post nuclear wilderness, you haven’t eaten for days. You don’t want to, because you are too sick to eat. The blinding wind feels like a knife against you face. The distance fills you with fear, the future is uncertain. Shadows make you jump. There are threats everywhere, but you must go on. You must drive forward through this nuclear winter. That’s what “Close your eyes” feels like. Then Autechre come along and remix it, turning the post apocalyptic wilderness into a cool urban nightclub where people drink cosmopolitans and don’t eat bombay mix and are listening to old-skool hip hop beats over various depressing techno tunes. The waiter asks you what you would like to drink. You say “Close your eyes.” He says he doesn’t know that one, so you leave in disgust and vow never to return.

Pan Sonic – Pan finale

The great Pan Sonic released their last album in that year that I’m talking about. A really coherent piece of work with the usual mix of vibe and noises to wring out your mind. The world in which they inhabit must be fun. I’d say their wives/girlfriends/friends/childers must wince when the boys shout, “It’s finished! Come listen.” Into the garage they go with a earplugs and some Xanax, while the speakers are turned up real loud and the Finnish boys push a button on the homebuilt chainsaw/synthesiser/doomsday device. Having seen them live, I know that the experience is similar to that part of an acid trip when you’ve just realised you are actually on acid and the reason that gravity is upside down is because your mind has taken leave of your head. It’s fun, and only costs about a tenner usually. Try them, Pan Sonic and some Advil for a mighty fine time.

Meat Beat Manifesto – Quietus

More sub-bass explorations from the Jack Dangers, who has made Meat Beat Manifesto a genre unto itself. There is simply nothing that sounds like it. It sounds like the last music you will hear just before a particularly intelligent psychopath stalks and murders you. Kinda like SAW, but without the ridiculous attempts to drag out the flimsy plot. Anyway, this music is best listened in the quietness of your own quietness, and feel the queasy claustrophobia that this music creates. Not one for everyone’s tastes, but for those w2ho hate God and all his evil works will appreciate the dark undercurrents in this work. Those who like GOD, get down on your knees in front of Michael Bubbly and pray he’s eaten.

Adriana Triana – Lost where I belong & Flying Lotus remix

This wonderful artist gets two mentions this year, because her output has been of such high quality. This 21-year old has an amazingly powerful voice, and with a little help from Simon Green proves that doing it early is a good idea. I started doing everything very early, smoking at 11, drinking at 12, drugging at 14, yet when it came to the important things like starting a band, mating with women who looked like women, writing a novel, travellating, I somehow screwed that up. Now I am 35 years, made mostly of water, on this ball made mostly of water and still mentally 14. That can’t be good.

I resolve to orienteer in space…That bring happiness methinks….yeah? You love me don’t you? I am…

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