vote here and vote forever…the party is ovah

Stretch here

Pull your trousers up Enda, there are men present!

Right on gay-basher Lucindy Creighton, owner of the borough of South Dublin got into trouble for expressing (out loud) the views of a lot of her comrades, causing right-minded non-racist, non-homophobes all over the Irlanda to gasp and feel some form of horrible guilt when they put No.1 down beside the Finigeeeeeal piccie on Friday. Even though the tears and blood will be flowing from their eyes and mouths, they will be safe in the knowledge that they have used their protest vote.

That’s what ol Stretch here loves about this election. There has been no acknowledgment that Irlandaville has changed. It’s money or nuthin. The peoples will have no choice but to go out and vote for a bunch of men and women who think they’re the doomed Obamas and will send Irlanda back further to the withered boglands of yore.

We now have PS3s, iPads, homosexuals, Lidls, Africans, LCD televisions, vast debts and Limerick rappers.

You only have to look at the Independents to see how grim the situation. I’ll do this, I won’t do that. None of them have a pot to piss in, but we are supposed to vote for these messianic cripples. Fuck that.

But do vote, or else we’ll turn into some kind of country which is ruled by a …oh wait…non-applicable.

Nobody has come out (except in the media) and announced that the country is fucked. If Irlanda starts from there, we should be fine. I mean that’s what happened the last time and the last and the last….

Irlandaville: a country lacking in ideas… Burnt OUT…just like me

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