Wanna J? or words beginning with L

Actual size

Here’s the vidjeo for J Mascis’s’s’s’s’s new song from his album Several Shades of Why. Have found myself screaming along to this at speed in the port tunnel recently.

While screeching, a motobikop sidled alongside, and demanded I roll down the window. Being from the 21st century, I did not know what he meant, so I pushed the window-descender console button, and said “wha?”

On hearing the music the motobikop ripped off his visor and because of the infectious grooves, started waving his arms in the air, like some mad hippy on dole day. This outpouring of joy caused him to lose balance and fall on to the road, bouncing up and down and round and round the tunnel.

His bloodied torso came to a halt….Embarrassed for the man, I thought the best thing to do would be to drive on and pretend it never happened.

He would appreciate that. I would.

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