happy birthday Peretz Bernstein!!

Stretch here, with beer in my mind, unemployment in my head, blackness in my soul and loss in my heart.

if I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake….Say what you will about the man, but to me, he always be a legg (someone I know, knows what this means). I still remember hanging out my window as a kid smoking a joint on a summer’s evening and “Three Days” came on the radio and it was just the most beautiful moment. The light produced at dusk and that hypnotic bassline and that knowledge that you had just heard something new, different. The moment was spoiled.  I was too baked and fell out the window on to the concrete below. Lying on my sore back, I could hear the words,

“Erotic Jesus
lays with his Marys.

Loves his Marys.
Bits of puzzle,
Fitting each other.
All know with wings”

This has appeared on this site before, but it’s just too good. Happy happy mistah,

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