Stretchcast Volume 5: Music…monkey…thunderlightningmunki

If it was dark a shadow puppet woul you see. Until then it's back to work for me

I’m back with something, juzza little special

1. Anthrax – Worship Music
2. The Fall – Happi Song
3. Sebadoh – skull
4. Grizzly Bear – Colorado
5. Lenny Bruce
6. VHS HEAD – Sundown
7. Burial – Shell of Light (Schlomo Remix2)
8. Plaid – Tender Hooks
9. Skinny Puppy – Use Less
10. GangGreen – Soul out
11. Mudhoney – Good Enough
12. And So I watch you From Afar – BeautifulUniverseMasterChampion
13. Swans – Celebrity Lifestyle
14. Flying Lotus – Physics for Everyone
15. Gui Boratto – Soledad
16. Lenny Bruce
17. Mastodon – Creature Lives
18. Battles – Toddler
19. Pigface – You Know You Know You Know

"I Know you don't want to pay the household charge, but honey, what choice do you have?" "I just feel so emasculated Dymphna" "You will if you let loose in the Sitting room again!" "Dymphna"

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