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Game On.

Last summer, the H.W. Wilson Company, a leading provider of library resources, was taken over by Ebsco Publishing.  Forty staff in the Dublin office lost their jobs.  Ebsco refused to talk with these employees and has now decided to ignore a recommendation from the Irish Labour Court.  The Court said Ebsco should issue a redundancy payment in line with industry norms.

The Irish Labour Court is central to resolving such matters in Ireland. Most Irish and US companies respect its rulings. Ebsco have paid only the bare minimum required under Irish law, and they have applied to get 60% of this minimal payment back as a rebate. Ebsco’s refusal to pay more than the legal minimum is unusually mean-spirited for a solvent company.

Nineteen of the Dublin employees have launched a campaign calling on Ebsco to abide by the Labourt Court recommendation.





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