Tame the beast

Don’t they look happy on their rock of philosophising. Bastards! No clouds, no clouds!














Here’s the promo for Tame Impala’s new album, Lonerism. These Aussies make young dirty hippies seem old. Tame Impala have a combined age of 28 and are likely to have not washed as the yearlong festival they live in doesn’t have showers. Stretch would say that these boys have encrusted balls of muck somewheres about their persons. Jangly guitars, a lack of push-ups and skinny headbands and it’s a nice fucking day in Irlanda, well at least for an hour or two before the one true many Gods which I don’t believe in will unzip their collective flies and let loose on this green and miserable country.

and here’s one in 3D, so you can experience a third dimension, something the average human will never have to deal with.

Enjoy 2Dface

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