Peel slowly and see

Hey! Cheeky!

Well that didn’t last long. Soundcloud removed the user. anyways

Dudos! Muchos Kudos por los dudos whose puts up many, many John Peel shows on soundcloud. Clicks on the many, many wonderful shows above and pretend you are a teenager again, stoned, sitting in a bedroom full of christmas lights, cigarettes and a sense of hope for the future. You can listen to a huge selection of his shows ranging from 1967 to 2004. This is a good place for confused people who always asked Stretch, “Hey Stretch. That music you listen to. Loike where do you find that stuff? Is there loike a place where all you weird munkis dressed in black go to loike circle jerk and listen to music no one cares about? Why can’t you be normal and listen to Ryan Adams or Scooooooter?” That dudo didn’t make it, but for all you other dudos in need of a slappo, this might be the beginning of a special course in cultural delousing.
As me Da used to say, “John Peel, wha!” All you need now is for Dave Grohl to start crying again.

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