Arena: Celebrity bainisteoir for people who don’t drink themselves to sleep every morning

Old Arena documentaries are great. TV seems to be unable to make documentaries these days that don’t have WYSIWYG titles and a drunken teenager from Leeds vomiting over themselves in the back of an ambulance/hospital/nightclub/chipper. Along with the brilliant Equinox, which Channel 4 made when they didn’t think their audience was made up of moronic self-abusers, Arena was just different. Anyways this being a musical site, here’s their documentary on EVY METTUL (as Geezer Butler would say). The lack of narrator made these programmes flow very nicely thank you very much..

Here’s Philip K. Dick!!

and here’s a doc on the Chelsea Hotel from 1981.

Here’s an Equinox documentary about computer graphics, including a very freaky deletion of the twin towers. Very dated, but fun all the same. I know it’s not I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here, with its self-fisting and animal abuse, but it’s diverting and informative.

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