Voyager 1 to aw for fuck sake like

Youuuuuuu nazi!

Youuuuuuu nazis!

Stretch all over. It seems that there is a possibility that the Voyager 1 space explorer launched in 1977 which everyone forgot about has, ladies and gentlemen, left the fucking solar system. This will not end well. There is bound to be a time capsule on it with audio from Richard Nixon, Richard Pryor and if history is predictable Richard fucking Clayderman. We are soon to be cosmically fucked in the nasty astral windpipe. A horrific, almost Quincy and Mary Tyler Moorish event horizon has happen-ed and all you people sitting in your faux-wunderbar furnished abodes will reel about while unable to decide which side of your new Pierre Frey’s Mennecy Bleu fabric is more beautiful.  I know, you do not. Fuck you all! God bless us all, except you Glen Hansard. Except you!! Over!

Maybe, just maybe that “oh yeah, they’re gonna be friendly’ homicidal race of aliens will at least not destroy the Eiffel Tower. That would be too derivative and y’knaa, it’d be uncool.

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