Things to listen on headphones! Clarko!


Hang on, isn’t that…?

The voice of Marina Topley Bird arrives in “The Pining pt2” and makes you feel like you are entering some heavenly dimension. Es nice, almost religious experience if your god is made out of wires and synthesisers. Try the Iradelphic album for some aural beauty which will put the entire history of Catholicism to shame.
It just goes boom!
“The Pining pt2” features in the new Neill Blomkamp movie Elysium which also features Matt Damon’s shiny head, which is always worth a look. I’m not sure whether it will feature any “fooking prawns” but it looks good. I’ll say feature again. Feature.

I’m not sure you should listen to the  Jane’s Addiction “Another Soulmate,” which seems like something kind of good, and kind of annoying that will occur in Turtle from Entourage’s acid trips. Why are do alcohol and drugs have no effect on those fuckers? I know it’s make-believe, I know.

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