Being Scottish is shite…but it may get more tolerable


This munki endorses a YES vote to getting rid of every oily skinned politician who sneered at, looked down upon and generally tolerated Scotland. Their tactics of late have been to scaremonger, trying to place the fear of an uncertain economic future into the hearts of the Northern natives. Then they turned around, with wet quivering lips and told you of their (possible) broken hearts, their love of your land, their memories of buying land up there at some point in their rich existence. When you didn’t fall for that, they came up with, “well, fuck you anyways. If you’re going to be like that, lead yourself into the dark wilderness. We’ll sit here laughing at your descent into the quagmire of economic strife. Stupid Scotland man.”

As a munki stuck in the economic doldrums that is the country of Irlanda, this hairy beast can tell you that you must remember that not being owned by anyone (besides Germany) is kinda cool. Not being a slave to politicians hundreds of miles away (besides Germany) is better than the alternative. Not having to ever look at David Cameron, Alistair Darling, Ed Miliband or that guy from the Liberal Democrats who everyone ignores, again could be more liberating than becoming Independent. Why would you not want this?

Be strong. Be Scottish. Don’t be sold out again.
If you are still not convinced then as the great Scottish writer Iain Banks said in 2011,
“We would vote for independence purely never to be part of any more unnecessary illegal, immoral wars.”

Don’t be party to the sneaky, self-serving interests of foreign governments. Especially ones who don’t give a shite about you.

Good Luck and rid yourselves of the Tory! Forevah!! Kudos Dudos!

If it doesn’t work out, just remember that people who easily say yes tend to out-breed people who say no!



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