You Bee Theres or Bees Squarepusher


Going to a Squarepusher gig can cause your brain to melt. Not only do you deal with Tom Jenkinson’s insane bass and electronic jazz, you also have to deal with what can only be described as some of the most horrible human beings in existence. It’s not just Squarepusher gigs, it’s also Aphex Twin, Autechre etc. People who have to shout at you that they are off their faces. “Fuckin madouofi,” “Fucking mental headsaboppin,” “Fuckin shittinmasel” are examples that a sweaty slightly overweight boy will scream into my munki face as I am trying to listen to the beautiful music, with my theoretical brown cigarette and possible invisible beret sorta hangin on the side of my head being kept on by the static my munki fur has created. I stare at the sweaty child and think to myself ‘sames all over unfortunately.’ Tis a thing. Manys the musical performance ruined by youthful exuberance and the annoying ability to cheer a breakbeat stuck in a two-hour performance as if, yeah, that’s the point where things go all mentals like. (eg Autechre gigs) Fuck off I say, fuck off. I love this beautiful violent music for robots bdsm or whatever its reasons. So, after being disappointed by a fair bit of Squarepusher’s recent stuff, Damogen Furies has blown my head straight off that I shouted at the man selling the newspaper at the traffic light, “Fuckin shittinmasel” and waved my fingers in an odd variation that unnerved him and irritated him in equal measure. I felt like an asshole, but this is such a headfucking good album. It is like being in one of those awful Hannibal movies and having said doctor open your skull and widdle your brains around with a hand-held blender, while banging a way on a moog with his other hand. What an irresponsible asshole that man was, and the amount of movies they made about him. Shocking. Anyway, from the opening “Stor Eiglass,” an uplifting slice of madness right through to the epic “D Frozent Aac,” you are dragged along a choppy dizzy slice of acid, dragging you through the history of electronic music. Some seconds, you are with the Future Sound of London, other moments the Orb, Autechre…on and on. It is apocalyptic and uplifting; loud, obnoxious and beautiful. The best thing he has done and by far the most coherently mental. A joyous bunch of beats and abrasive noise, with a wondrous finale. Fuckin shittinmasel without the aid of BO.

In fact, this album has made me appreciate the SQ stuff I wasn’t so into recently.

Also, below vijeo is interactive, and demented. Not here though. Go to Squarepusher’s cave and in Chrome for the love of jesus and the holy gawds. Enjoy.

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