Vladimir Pukin: A pregnant pause: Fish fingers & Grapes


Vomit cake


Dinner 4pm: Felt queasy, used chest beads.
6pm: feeling very queasy, trying all pressure points.
8.30-9pm: Heartburn
9pm: Nausea
10pm: Extreme nausea
11.30pm: Indigestion
12 midnight: Vomited tea, biscuits, club orange. Wonderful.

7.30am: Woke up, feeling nauseous. What a suprise
9am: Go up and vomited, mostly froth. Who knew?
10.30am: Nausea, building to extreme, then fading over next hour.
12.30pm: Nausea
3pm: Queasy
3.15pm: Vomited waffles. Nice.
6.40pm: Nausea
7pm: Vomited fish fingers and grapes. Not exactly Joel Robuchon.
9pm: Nausea
9.30pm: Vomit – Club Orange/bile
12am: Indigestion
12.30am: Vomit. Watery bile.

9.30am: Vomit – watery froth
11am-10pm: Nausea
10.40pm: Vomit tea and minstrels (Sour). For fuck sake.

8.30am: Nausea
9.15am: Vomit. Watery froth (sour)
10.30am-12pm: Nausea
8.30pm: Nausea
9pm: Vomit-cake. Sounds like a punk band
10.30pm-12am: Nausea. Ugh.

9.30am: Vomit. Watery froth
2.15pm: Vomit – soup. Nice.
6.30pm: Vomit brown bread
8.30pm: Nausea
9.20pm: Vomit – cake
10.05: Vomit – bile
11.15: Vomit – liquid
12.30: Vomit – bile

9.30am: Vomit – bile
4.30pm: BAAAAADD indigestion
5.30pm: Vomit – food
5.45pm: Vomit – bile
9pm: Vomit – food
12.30am: Vomit – liquid
1.30m: Vomit – bile

9.30am-12.30am: Vomit…vomit…bile…bile…nausea…nausea…

Pregnancy diary or Chris Martin’s soul?


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