Oive lost moi kingaroooo, tears tears

"Look, it's a Sapho Longwing." "Fuck you, I can't see it because I am looking that way. You also have something hanging out your left nostril" "I think you'll find that is Mitchell's Satyr

“Look, it’s a Sapho Longwing.” “Fuck you, I can’t see it because I am looking that way. You also have something hanging out your left nostril.” “I think you’ll find that is a Mitchell’s Satyr” “Yes. I see it now. It is. How wonderful!” “You’re wonderful.”

Stretchlimoing back.

Watching Meryl Streep giving her wonderful and speech last night, I enjoyed the stunned reactions of the famous faces littering the tables. Also stunning was that the same faces couldn’t shut the fuck up for Viola Davis’s intro to Magic Meryl, which y’know kinda tells you a lot about the situation.

Anyways, have been lost to the twitter for a while because I’m bored and have a low attention span and I like to read Jeffrey Wright and Don Cheadle fighting with all the racists, crackers, morons and the worst wretches of all: that condescending breed that appears on all social platforms, message boards and comment fields. The guy who steps in and goes,
“I’ll think you’ll find,” “I’m hate to inform you but you don’t understand what is really going on,” or “excuse me, can you let the adults who really know about these things discuss it?”

FUCK YOU fuckers. The reason the internet is like a piss-quick glacier flowing into a pub toilet is people THINK that their opinion matters. It doesn’t. It just doesn’t. No one cares. People who agree with you only really agree with themselves. There are no arguments to be won. You don’t walk away from that computer or put down the phone thinking,
“Fuck me, I’ve set the world to rights. I’ve done a good thing. I have educated. Now let me find someone real I can tell. Oh.”

No doubt some prick will decide that putting a list of comments into a time capsule for future generations to read. Picture 200 years from now, somebody opening up the capsule, finding a sheet of paper and thinking
“Paper, how cool!. Aw shit! Look, somebody’s written on it. Wait! Children! RUN! LIZARDS!’

There he is! Ha, I knew it. No mate. Wait that's a wallaby. Jeez, I love moi kingaroo.

There he is! Ha, I knew it. No mate. Wait that’s a wallaby. Jeez, I love moi kingaroo.










The most pointless exercise known to man. Even commenting on family pictures is pointless; that baby looks cute; you’re looking well Margaret; like the new haircut, your bubble-butt is coming on well (only for Instagram users). Yes, the people mean these things. But there’s a fair chance that they are sitting on the toilet while typing the comment. That’s fucking disgusting.

One more thing. My opinion doesn’t matter or have any relevance to the future outlook of humanity. Fuck me and fuck my stupid mlog!

No, but please, fuck me!

I was feeling down and uninspired, then this came on my phone bot. No comment necessary.

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