Stretchcast Volume 2: Cheep cheep seated hatred/Snow means Snow

Stretch again and again and again…

So, a fairly rushed number deux. Still, it’s loud, uplifting, downlifting and slightly treacherous, poignant and obnoxious. Just like me. Anyway, a special Christmas one coming soon. Now, Stretch will re-enter real life where he is not welcome. Flump!

INTRO: Ivor Slaney – Easy Prey (Terror/Prey) 2. PVT – Window (Church with No Magic) 3. Various Productions – Maskmen (Maskmen EP) 4. Selfish Cunt – Feel like a woman (English Chamber Music) 5. Meat Beat Manifesto – Acid Again (Actial Sounds and Voices) 6. Modeselektor – In loving memory (Hello Mom!) 7. New Order – The Him (Movement) 8. Prolapse – Bruxelles (The Italian Flag) 9. Bonobo feat Andreya Triana – Stay the Same (Black Sands) 10. Underworld – Scribble (Barking) 11. Anti Pop Consortium – Volcano: Four Tet Remix (Volcano EP). 12. Roots Manuva – Again and Again (Slime and Reason) 13. Negativeland – Over the Hiccups (Escape from Noise) 14. Jaga Jazzist – Oslo Skyline (What We Must)

Increase Volume for Number 14. Downloadable (Click arrow on side of Soundcloud yokey)

No ChikChok! It is my turn to listen to the Stretch MacGibbon Stretchcast Number Deux

Stretchcast Volume 1: It’s all about Ellen Burstyn’s knees really

Stretch here

Here it be. A mix-tape masquerading as a podcast. Messy? Yes. Incoherent? Yes. Crucial? eh….

Stretchcast Volume 1: It’s all about Ellen Burstyn’s knees really

Intro: Anti Pop Consortium – Tron Man Speaks 1. Flying Lotus – Bad Actors (1983) 2. The Cramps – Wilder wilder, faster, faster (Look Mom No Head) 3. Alan Moorehouse – Expo in Tokyo (Thievery Corporation The Outernational Sound) 4. Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides (Radio Retaliation) 5. Bongwater – Nick Cave Dolls (The Power of Pussy) 6. Etienne de Crecy – Ecoutez Fumez (Source Lab 1) 7. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – War (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) 8. Gonja Sufi – Made (A Sufi and a Killer) 9. Andreya Triana – Lost where I belong.  (Lost Where I Belong Flying Lotus Remix) 10. Anodyne – Corrosion (Corrosion) 11. Boards of Canada – Seven forty seven (Warp 20: Unheard) 12. UNKLE – Natural selection (Where did the night fall) 13. Asian Dub Foundation – Crash (Community Music) 14. Two lone Swordsmen – Get out of my Kingdom (Wrong Meeting)

So until the lawyers come a callin, enjoy. Next episode in December, although it may be a metal thing. Who knows?

It is available to download from Soundcloud or drop me a note and I will sing every song over the phone.Actually, just click on the down arrow to the side and it will download into your heart.

absolute obsolete

Another perfick bit of moosic from Andreya Triana.

Listened to Whitesnake’s “Is this Love?” today, and realised I knew no words, but could sing the guitar solo.

Very odd………I was very, Very drunk!

Il Divo, Diva, Deviant

Love-Stretch, don’t over do it

Ridiculous documentary on BeeBeeCeee2 tonight about lead singers, animated so that you may have

Please do not ask me to sing

thought you weren’t watching a cheap piece of crap. Although it was worth watching just to hear Kiss legendo Gene Simmons demanding that Thom Yorke’s head should explode during “No Surprises.” Besides that, watched Il Divo, not the four piss-ant opera geeks loved by bored Stepford wives, but Paulo Sorrentino’s fantastically trippy film about former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. Beautiful to watch; Europeans really are the best filmmakers and it had a crazy soundtrack which combined classical music with Cassius, Beth Orton and Da-Da-Da itself, Trio.

After her amazingly cool effort on Bonobo’s Black Sands, here’s Andreya Triana being well, just perfick. There’s something deadly about this. Somebody who can sing soulfully without needing to overdo it. She rocks.

and this is just the best thing…

Bonobo where no bonobo been before

She don't know haha, wait till she...ooooohhhh hahaha

Bonobo’s back and this time he’s using Andreya Triana as the vocal element to his munki musical devices. The last album Days to Come was a classic and it will be pretty hard to top, but I have every faith in that little monkey to do the business. He seems to have gone high quality production on everything for this one. The first two promos from forthcoming album Black Sands are highly stylised.

Somebody told me today that that I was like spam. It took me a while to realise that it was coz of my increased output recently rather than the hue of my skin.There is one very simple way to avoid me, Mr Tubridy. What, click to another site? No, I meant, kill yourself!

See, I understand this. Very nice. Very sexy. Music to make the love to.

I don’t understand this. Watching too much Manimal methinks. I don’t want to go outside now, especially if that eagle’s about.