Imaginations…Imagine Asians

Great fan based documentary about Asian Dub Foundation produced 10 years ago. An interesting look into the band. Obviously low budget, but slick enough considering. Kudos dudos…

Stretchcast Volume 3: from Git to Grit to Git a bit

A small bird flew up to me today and said,

“Stretch! The people need to know.”

I said, “What little terrapin?”

He say, “Theese Stretch theeeeeeessseee.”

1. Pan Sonic  – Trepanointi/Trepanation (Gravitoni) 2  Death from Above 1979 – Dead Womb  (Heads Up) 3. Gun Club – Carry Home (Miami) 4. Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – Rare as the Yeti (Dracula Boots)  5. Mouse on Mars feat Mark E Smith – Cut the Gain (Wipe That Sound Feat. Mark E. Smith) 6. Beans – Blue Movie (End it all) 7. Caribou – Sun (Swim)  8. Holy Fuck  Bontempi Latin (Holy Fuck)  9. Meat Beat Manifesto -Mnemonic (Answers Come in Dreams)  10. Broadcast – Tender Buttons (Tender Buttons) 11. Bad Brains – Leaving Babylon (Bad Brains)  12. Asian Dub Foundation – Power of Ten (A History Of Now) 13. !!! (chk chk chk) – The Hammer (Strange Weather, Isn’t It?) 14. Wire – Moreover (Red Barked Tree) 15. Loka – The beauty in darkness (Ninja Tune XX Vol. 2)

Downloadable it be (Click arrow on side of Soundcloud)

countdown to extinction/change

whatchagonnado? Stretch feels like he’s trying to catch water with his littul handies.

who will save Stretch?

here’s the new vid by ADF, album out soooooon

it’s not how you fall it’s how you land

Here’s some nice moosic from La Haine and then “La Haine” by ADF. The circle is now complete say Darth Vader, who only go an fackoff to Kebab shop and not buy nuffink for nobod on way bak. Prick.

Wot a weird day?………….dotdot I have so much to tell you, but my hand is over my mouth in an over dramatic gesture, so you’ll just have to wait…By you I mean the people who search for “Glenda Gilson” and “…pick a body part or action.”

It’s usually “Glenda Gilson DEAD” but today it was “Glenda Gilson leg.” I’m not sure which one. Probably her right, because that’s a good 5-inches longer, due to the smokes, y’know?

Stretchcast Volume 1: It’s all about Ellen Burstyn’s knees really

Stretch here

Here it be. A mix-tape masquerading as a podcast. Messy? Yes. Incoherent? Yes. Crucial? eh….

Stretchcast Volume 1: It’s all about Ellen Burstyn’s knees really

Intro: Anti Pop Consortium – Tron Man Speaks 1. Flying Lotus – Bad Actors (1983) 2. The Cramps – Wilder wilder, faster, faster (Look Mom No Head) 3. Alan Moorehouse – Expo in Tokyo (Thievery Corporation The Outernational Sound) 4. Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides (Radio Retaliation) 5. Bongwater – Nick Cave Dolls (The Power of Pussy) 6. Etienne de Crecy – Ecoutez Fumez (Source Lab 1) 7. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – War (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) 8. Gonja Sufi – Made (A Sufi and a Killer) 9. Andreya Triana – Lost where I belong.  (Lost Where I Belong Flying Lotus Remix) 10. Anodyne – Corrosion (Corrosion) 11. Boards of Canada – Seven forty seven (Warp 20: Unheard) 12. UNKLE – Natural selection (Where did the night fall) 13. Asian Dub Foundation – Crash (Community Music) 14. Two lone Swordsmen – Get out of my Kingdom (Wrong Meeting)

So until the lawyers come a callin, enjoy. Next episode in December, although it may be a metal thing. Who knows?

It is available to download from Soundcloud or drop me a note and I will sing every song over the phone.Actually, just click on the down arrow to the side and it will download into your heart.

ees all grown up now

Deeder Zaman “Brothers and Sistas” – Pride of the Underdog

Here’s a track from former MC of Asian Dub Foundation, Deeder. Something for the hangover that is my sunday morning…pow

Asian Dub Foundation “Culture Move”