Things may esca-LATE

New moving pictures from Battles. This time featuring Gary Numan. This video, song and recent expeditions would suggest that Gary Numan is cooler now than in the 80s. If ever a popstar could be called a survivor, welll I will not finish the cliche.

Battles will be in Dubalin on November 19th for things…enjoy this and marvel at the moustache


Stretchcast Volume 4: More Skittish than Hashish

But other than that, we had a lovely day

Latest mixage

1: Battles – Africastle (Gloss Drop)
2. M83 – Midnight City (Hurry up, we’re dreaming)
3.Warpaint – Undertow (The Fool)
4. Grinderman – When my baby comes (Grinderman2)
5. Amon Tobin – Rosies (Out from out where)
6. Laurent Garnier – Gnanmankoudji (Tales Of A Kleptomaniac)
7. Shit Robot – Take em up (From the Cradle to the rave)
8. Two lone Swordsmen – Rattlesnake Daddy (Wrong Meeting)
9. Pavement – Perfect Depth (Westing by Musket and sextant)
10. The Fall – Paranoia Man in a cheat shit room (The Infotainment Scan)
11. NeuNegativland (Neu)

Downloadable it be (Click arrow on side of Soundcloud thingy)

Parallax sounds

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I have battles in my life again again again

This is simply mind-altering

I have Battles in my life mk2

Battles Battles Battles

this is from a gig I was at a few years ago in Dubalin town and pretty impressive it was. INDEED

This is “Tonto” and it always makes me want to run on the spot with a demented look on my face. Doing it right now.

The good news comes from me to you: Battles have new material out, bizarrely previewed on the new Twilight movie soundtrack. Click HERE and scroll down to bonus tracks and a treat is in store.

Twilight is the kiddy vampires who want to live forever franchise right? Never seen it. Don’t all teenagers think that they are immortal? Isn’t that the only good thing about being a teenager? Isn’t that the coping mechanism established when you look in the mirror and see a mashed up pizza living on your skin? Well, at least I’m not going to die. Oh look, a vampire. You want me to do what?

Teenagers never really get why adults don’t take them seriously. They don’t realise that it’s because we think they’re completely stupid. As you get older, you tend to think Judd Nelson wasn’t cool, but a dipshit. Fingerless fucking gloves, I ask yi. As for Emilio Estevez, well….Whinge, whinge, moan, moan. Could be worse, teenagers could wake up every morning thinking about the same thing, the thing that should not be, the inescapable fact that makes trying to be a responsible adult absolutely horrible…

…Doing the right thing

I have Battles in my life

Stretch to win! Dance or die!

Won't be long now

Won't be long now

Whenever I’m feeling low or crimson, I like to think about things in my life which make life, well, survivable. Good wine; Innes & Gunn lager (mmm); a shopping bag floating in the air and landing on Ronan Keating’s head, smothering him, killing him; the crisp December day where the air is clean; the sea; the Fall Guy; Bill Bailey; Baileys; and the Battles anthem “Atlas.”
Press Play for good times.

The drums pound and my mind starts to free itself, emptying out all the badness, emptying out the negativity and well, emptying. The creepy Tyondai Braxton vocals kick in,

“People won’t be people when they hear this sound
That’s been glowing in the dark at the edge of town
People won’t be people, no
The people won’t be people when they hear this sound
Won’t you show me what begins at the edge of town”

and suddenly I’m on a chair pumping my fists in the air to the rhythm of John Stanier’s drumming. budump… budump… budump… budump… budump… budump… budump… budump… budump…kicking my legs out and bashing things in my path, not caring about the commotion I’m causing doing this. The guitar riff flicking in and out and me thrashing around the room scaring the dogs…they didn’t ask for this.

“The singer is a crook, wo-ay-oh

The singer is a crook, wo-ay-oh”

It slows down and I get my breath back, but still shifting in rhythm, like some spasmodic pervert. I think about that DJ from that stupid Phantom place who didn’t like playing this song because he thought it was the most “doom-laden song he had ever heard.”  Fuck you pal, this is my happy song. There’s nothing doom-laden about happy. Stretch happy, Stretch happy..Phantom must die…Phantom must die.

Bass goes bujun…bujun…bujun…bujun..bujun.  Im back up on the chair like some crazed nightclub dancer from the 1980s fiasco that was “The Hitman and Her,” wildly dancing and generally annoying everybody at the dinner party. Kicking over the Potato salad, the chopped-up radishes, the hummus, THE HUMMUS. Nobody stops me, they are scared of me, HA!

“Weeeeeeeelllllllllll……People won’t be people when they hear this sound
That’s been glowing in the dark at the edge of town
People won’t be people, no
The people won’t be people when they hear this sound
Won’t you show me what begins at the edge of town”

And back into the rhythm again, and now people are joining Stretch, people are dancing joyously to this “doom-laden” music. Fucking Phantom. The song drifts to a close and I get off the chair and rhythmically, slower now, move to the press and open another bottle of wine and apologise to my guests for my abhorrent behaviour, but they acknowledge that it needed to be done and we all laugh and wipe the tears from our eyes. Thank you Battles, I am much happier now. I am in a better place and fit as a fucking fiddle too. All’s good, I have Battles in my life. Why don’t you try it? (vid is shortened version, for full seven minute workout, download the tune)