Them’s Salad days

This is only the first part. Find the rest yourself. It’s a really good intro to the American punk scene in the 80s. Also, it is pleasing for me as Iain MacKaye and myself have the same shaped head.  He is more important than me, mind.

Sunday morning mit Black Flag, es gut

REALITY 86’d from KICK TO KILL on Vimeo.

Dave Markey’s 1986 documentary on Black Flag’s tour across America…. Less navel gazing and looking out tour bus windows in monochrome than an REM documentary, less conspiracy theories than a Kurt Cobain documentary, less hiding in the closet, fake marriages, transgenderism and is-she-my-sister-or-my-motherisms and tea than a Daniel O’Donnell documentary!!

It’s nice to rememeber a time when a band would have to work hard to get into the public consciousness, rather than just post their crap on Utub. I’m talking to you Lily Allen.

Still doesn’t Henry Rollins look great!