RIP DAVY/Versions-off “PORPOISE SONG” (pt oNe)

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Poor Davy, best way to go though, being shot by an Angolan hitman. He didn’t see it comin…he didn’t see it comin.

Spent yesterday producing a magazine that included One Direction, Katy Perry and Posh Beckham. As I feared for my principles and my mind, the news came through of Davy’s death. These days manufactured music is like the spray from a dog with the skits, but despite the criticisms, they Monkees were like a dog who eats well and has his anal glands emptied regular-like. An attractive, fun bunch who enlivened my childhood mornings no end. Is there an equivalent now? Probably not. There’s no Knight Riders, A-Teams, Air Wolf(s) or The Fall Guy either. What is there now, fucking Hollyoaks, the Hills, Tallafornia? Might be time to drop the LSD in the water supply, otherwise a new generation of comedy writers inspired by How I met my Mother, The Big Bang Theory and The Republic of Telly (Rubberbandits exempt) will be defecating in our children’s ears and faces in 10-15 years time. This must be stopped. Our children won’t want the mess.

“Porpoise” is from the end of the movie Head, this was always my favourite Monkees tune. So trippy, weird and kinda Beatleseque. It was one of those songs that put paid to the myth of the Monkees being a one-dimensional pop band. Well that’s what I like to think, anyway.

and here’s Bongwater’s version. So trippy and actually completely coherent for this uncategorisable band. What exactly were they?

and here’s a remarkable poster, with one big typo.

Stretchcast Volume 1: It’s all about Ellen Burstyn’s knees really

Stretch here

Here it be. A mix-tape masquerading as a podcast. Messy? Yes. Incoherent? Yes. Crucial? eh….

Stretchcast Volume 1: It’s all about Ellen Burstyn’s knees really

Intro: Anti Pop Consortium – Tron Man Speaks 1. Flying Lotus – Bad Actors (1983) 2. The Cramps – Wilder wilder, faster, faster (Look Mom No Head) 3. Alan Moorehouse – Expo in Tokyo (Thievery Corporation The Outernational Sound) 4. Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides (Radio Retaliation) 5. Bongwater – Nick Cave Dolls (The Power of Pussy) 6. Etienne de Crecy – Ecoutez Fumez (Source Lab 1) 7. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – War (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) 8. Gonja Sufi – Made (A Sufi and a Killer) 9. Andreya Triana – Lost where I belong.  (Lost Where I Belong Flying Lotus Remix) 10. Anodyne – Corrosion (Corrosion) 11. Boards of Canada – Seven forty seven (Warp 20: Unheard) 12. UNKLE – Natural selection (Where did the night fall) 13. Asian Dub Foundation – Crash (Community Music) 14. Two lone Swordsmen – Get out of my Kingdom (Wrong Meeting)

So until the lawyers come a callin, enjoy. Next episode in December, although it may be a metal thing. Who knows?

It is available to download from Soundcloud or drop me a note and I will sing every song over the phone.Actually, just click on the down arrow to the side and it will download into your heart.