I just wanna kiss the look right off of your face

Stretchcast Volume 3: from Git to Grit to Git a bit

A small bird flew up to me today and said,

“Stretch! The people need to know.”

I said, “What little terrapin?”

He say, “Theese Stretch theeeeeeessseee.”

1. Pan Sonic  – Trepanointi/Trepanation (Gravitoni) 2  Death from Above 1979 – Dead Womb  (Heads Up) 3. Gun Club – Carry Home (Miami) 4. Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – Rare as the Yeti (Dracula Boots)  5. Mouse on Mars feat Mark E Smith – Cut the Gain (Wipe That Sound Feat. Mark E. Smith) 6. Beans – Blue Movie (End it all) 7. Caribou – Sun (Swim)  8. Holy Fuck  Bontempi Latin (Holy Fuck)  9. Meat Beat Manifesto -Mnemonic (Answers Come in Dreams)  10. Broadcast – Tender Buttons (Tender Buttons) 11. Bad Brains – Leaving Babylon (Bad Brains)  12. Asian Dub Foundation – Power of Ten (A History Of Now) 13. !!! (chk chk chk) – The Hammer (Strange Weather, Isn’t It?) 14. Wire – Moreover (Red Barked Tree) 15. Loka – The beauty in darkness (Ninja Tune XX Vol. 2)

Downloadable it be (Click arrow on side of Soundcloud)

epissed to me/defectivity

here’s one for Monday… the last song off !!!’s latest album.

Put your glasses back on or you’ll go bump in the night. Rumbunctious times!

time’s a tickin

All my heroes ARE we-eirdos 1

You may wonder how people find Stretch MacGibbon and learn to love me.

Well, if you don’t know me, you have accidentally come across me by searching in wordpress.

I’ve been quiet about this up til now, but it’s time to publish my new-found friends’ reasons for being on my site.

Today’s search item of the day: How to Stretch my sack