Henry McCullough

David Holmes awesome collaboration with BP Fallon from the “Late Night Tales” compilation right here. Beautiful. All I have to say. Nothing funny. That’s it.

sunny, so trancey

My favourite hairdresser and yours, David Holmes. A man who provided a soundtrack for my late teens with This Film’s crap…Let’s slash the seats.

Must not publish my most inner thought. (Must eat relentlessly). Here’s Holmes on the rectal tube that is the Culture Show. uTub their Metallica special and watch a presenter headbang in a different field to the rest of the crowd. It’s really weird.

Here’s one of his first releases on Warp records. Still my favourite

Turn up really loud and feel it baby, feel it.

Whack-a-Paddy-to-Deathery: Uimhir a cUiG: Rollerskate Skinny


Just spent the evening watching people falling off various types of roof. Good for the soul.

Rrrrrrolller-up. There are no vids of these guys to be found so someone put up a place mat as a visual for the song. I was fully expecting a plate with potatoes, turnips and a slab of lovely roast beef to appear. I waited, but nothing happened. Since we are that time of year again when the little people of Irlanda beat each other up in a drunken haze and then go home and beat on the wife, it seems fitting to resume my fairly exhaustible list of Irlanda brightest and best moosic.

As a younger Stretch, sozzled in a lifestyle of alcohol and soft/hard/mejium core druggaí, I held down a job as a distributor of post for a small and deranged insurance company. It meant long hours walking around Dubalin town delivering apparently important envelopes to greedy Insurers with fat cat grins and the means of production at their disposal. My travels were still sunny and wonderful in this terrain, with

Children or Bastards? Bastards!

dancing snow fluttering around me; the smell of my many cigarettes wafting about; small children chasing me, scaring me, cornering me; old men tipping their hats as if somewhere in their pasts they felt that freedom that I was experiencing; old women looking for their old mens’ hats; junkies slowly approaching me for change but never quite managing to catch up; shit, if only I had a bike, I could have escaped those deranged children.

So, as a soundtrack to this jaunty life, I had many musical moments. It was on these little trips that I first discovered the joys of the Chemical Brothers’ first album, Exit Planet Dust, Aphex Twin’s Donkey Rhubarb, David Holmes’s amazing first and best album, This film’s crap, let’s slash the seats, Nitzer Ebb’s Ebbhead, Type O Negative’s October Rust and more and more and more and more and more. The Greatest Walking Music Album in the World Ever, if you like. Oh yeah, and Dubalin’s own Rollerskate Skinny’s Horsedrawn Wishes. An album that accentuated the whole Dubalin thing so well. Like a cross between Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier and My Bloody Valentine, the songs were both dramatic, thoughtful and full of layered harmonics. It was the kitty indeed! THE KITTY! THE KITTY!

Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about, kinda.

and here’s what happened when Nitzer Ebb entered that Irish stage of the Tour de France a few years back. I’m not sure whether this is homoerotic or a good way to catch yourself a cold. I felt dirty after watching it though. Then again, I’m a bad little munki. The Industrial music video is on my mind a lot these days.

Whack-a-Paddy-to-Deathery Uimhir a TREE(3): Decal

Stretch combover to my place.

So, advancedhairstudio.com is going to make you popular with the ladies, yes? It’s going to grow hair on your bald noggin and then you will drive yellow sports cars to hotels to have sex with ladies, yes? You will gain the respect of your men friends in the dressing room while waving about your frizzy dyed hair yes? A fifteen year old’s haircut will look good on a 35 year old man, yes? You could look like Shane Warne, Austin Healey or that weird guy who won that odd competition, which he puts down to having his hair lasered back on which helped to score with the ladies while driving a yellow sports car, yes? If you haven’t seen their advertisements, you haven’t lived, baldy! Eradicate slapheadedness for the good of the world! It’s now or never Kojak!

Austin Healey: to think this man might have beem bald.

Austin Healey: to think this man might have been bald. What would the ladies have done? Who would drive them to hotels?

Anyway, this is weird, because I think this piece of electronica is the actual sound of Dubalin. I know peops won’t agree but the song has a lot of resonance for me. As a younger Stretch, in the early 90s working in a horrible insurance company as their gimp-post-boy, part of my job was to walk round Dubalin delivering shite to other fascists. With Walkman (cassettes kids) strapped to my little head I would buzz around the city a pied and waste my day wandering and exploring with a soundtrack of trance music (vols1-4 classic), Rollerskate Skinny Horsedrawn Wishes, David Holmes This film’s crap…let’s slash the seats, bizarrely Type O Negative’s October Rust (scary veg) and Decal’s  first album Ultramack 004.

Whenever “Excelsis” came on, I would feel really good and kinda feel proud of the city…this piece of ambient music reflected the good, bad, the pretentious, the cool, the underground, the ordinary and all other types this place had to offer. It seemed so apt. I listened to a lot of music on those walking fits and nothing really came up to the mark as much as this song.

A chilled out little gem from one of Dubalin’s finest and a crappy lo-fi video of Dubalin streets to boot. It’s as good as sellotaping armpit hair on your head!

No sexual innuendo was used in this blog….okay?