irlanda go boom boom oops

Stretch here…stil having technical and possibly mental difficulties but all should be resolved soon…for those of you that give a flying shit.

Note to world: Not all of Irlanda's peoples were part of the Celtic Tiger. Most were just struggling to afford to buy a pint of Lager. Leave them alone. Irlanda people should form a new state called GROOVYSWORLD. Who wouldn't want to holiday there? Who? I asked you a question.

Apparently someone lent Irlanda a load of billions, but nobody seems to know where the money went. Curious. Where did the money go? Where is it? In a mattress in Ballisadare? Is it? The Irlanda banks have basically fucked the country until the end of time… Thankfully I’m a well-adjusted munki with no secrets and no lies. No weird fascinations and no hair. What do I care about economics? I’m small, you’re small, we both speak with funny accents… and I’m gonna miss you til the end of time when the country is finally back in the black…

Good things at the moment….The Trip. It’s just good…Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. It’s just cool… Peep show is back this friday. Very important cultural refernce for munkis like me. A world where everyone is not cool.

Bad things…Today I was outwankered by a BMW driver…the only consolation was that he will probably have his kidneys repossessed soon and I have enough pecan nuts to build a hut…. Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs together at last in an undersea realm of despicable behaviour..EVIL…Louis Walsh is a munki too. A lot of people do not know that…Simon Cowell is not the devil. I usedta think he was, but now he’s really just a quite dull man staring out from a closet of fear. Poor man. I pitied him then I crucified him. Gotta a lot of reaction to my crucifix test card. I would like to point out to all those people who threatened me that it is and wasn’t and never will be Jesus Christy. He was not the only dude to be stuck to a tree in the seventies. Toni Morrison, Bobby Sands and Darina Allen all went the way of the crossbar…besides it was my favourite holiday…

Til next time, when I will be typing my mlog on a coconut while fighting white-collar workers in bagel shops, smashing ipads against the glum looks on their faces. Mad Max is a comin…

“You know if they could they’d sell the air.”


is this home?

Stretch here needing beer and…

My head feels like a bag of crisps, all confused and rattley with a hint of cheese and a dash of onion. Was going to go on a rant about Louis Walsh and illegal downloading, but am just too tired.

Beer, bed and b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bad dreams. Tomorrow will be a shit day, but someone will be there to make it all better, right? Right?

I was thinking about Barney Sumner today and this Bad Lieutenant song immediately came on my iPod, so I considered,

That's me that is. Frustration city...

1. Is my iPod fucking with me, like it tends to do?

2. Is it just a random coincidence, no ordering of the universe or fulfillment of Karma?

or 3. Was Barney in the back seat?

The answer was 3. He was in the back seat. Fatso tried to start a band with me, a fight with me and then the car with me in it. All in all, it was fun, but missing lucidity.

Got to work and Barney was too fat to fit in the lift. He ran off screaming. I arrived in work perplexed and relieved.

It’s a lot for a munki to take in. The rest of the day was spent gnawing on my knuckles at the thoughts of where I’ll be in 2050. A 75 year old Stretch Macgibbon will have written an awful lot more meandering yet meaningful magical mlogs and will be laughed at by the hip munkis who will have abandoned computers completely and will write their theses on each other’s fucking eyeballs with Fantastic future-crayons. Manic.

In the words of Lionel Richie to anyone that will listen,

“Hello. Is it me your looking for?”

Jedward: simple and on their knees for now. Off your knees boys, your taxi is here.

That’s so perfick, it’s all I’m gonna say about em

get up for fuck sake

some advice to the boys. Think if the following words (not the band’s name)