I must have done something wrong, or… logic interceded…maybe both


As a small goofy munki, it has occurred to me recently that I am always in trouble or if not in trouble, humans look at me as if I’m supposed to be y’know normal. Being a munki, with a history of various dependencies and bereavement, I say, “I can only be myself and myself’s not right in the munki-head head.”

Still, at least I wash. This festival weekend is necessary for me. I may even just go, lie on the ground and stare at the sky for three days… A break from reality is the key. Empty the head, then pour alcohol down it, mix about and then stay baked

Anyway after a shit day of longing and falling over things, I need some cheering up. This dead man always does it. Please buy all his albums and then kill Russell Howard and all those new brand of terrible comedians who have filled up the spaces on my TV set between the jam and the guitar string.

Signing off. Jeez