Stretchcast Volume 2: Cheep cheep seated hatred/Snow means Snow

Stretch again and again and again…

So, a fairly rushed number deux. Still, it’s loud, uplifting, downlifting and slightly treacherous, poignant and obnoxious. Just like me. Anyway, a special Christmas one coming soon. Now, Stretch will re-enter real life where he is not welcome. Flump!

INTRO: Ivor Slaney – Easy Prey (Terror/Prey) 2. PVT – Window (Church with No Magic) 3. Various Productions – Maskmen (Maskmen EP) 4. Selfish Cunt – Feel like a woman (English Chamber Music) 5. Meat Beat Manifesto – Acid Again (Actial Sounds and Voices) 6. Modeselektor – In loving memory (Hello Mom!) 7. New Order – The Him (Movement) 8. Prolapse – Bruxelles (The Italian Flag) 9. Bonobo feat Andreya Triana – Stay the Same (Black Sands) 10. Underworld – Scribble (Barking) 11. Anti Pop Consortium – Volcano: Four Tet Remix (Volcano EP). 12. Roots Manuva – Again and Again (Slime and Reason) 13. Negativeland – Over the Hiccups (Escape from Noise) 14. Jaga Jazzist – Oslo Skyline (What We Must)

Increase Volume for Number 14. Downloadable (Click arrow on side of Soundcloud yokey)

No ChikChok! It is my turn to listen to the Stretch MacGibbon Stretchcast Number Deux

I love you to love me?/who’s got the hachoir?/speechey affcted/tired eyes/no more energy/life returns to abnormality/lesson learned?

so there you go. In a nutshell. Normal service will resume shortly

je parle sange-merde, non?

Un massif fooookyooooo to Vous sais que vous etes ma superior? Oui?

demander mon bolix-massif! Arrête de me chercher ou je te casse le site du web, avec mes mains MUNKI!

Ici TTC avec Modeselektor. It Rocks….Oui

and this is one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a while. An absolute stonker….think front 242 disco-dancing on a vibrating floor while Lee Majors exfoliates!

Blast Off: subsubsuburban nightmare

Stretching into the cosmos.

Been a while, can’t say why. Music lull at the moment. Very busy. Modeselektor keeping me going. Hello Mom, not Happy Birthday which I’m not a fan of. Living in a suburb of the middle of nowhere and feeling cast adrift. If only I had some high-powered hallucinogen to keep my monkey fur interested.

Was thinking about Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles and the nature of existence.  When I look around me, I wonder if this is actually real. It doesn’t seem logical, yet you are forced to believe. Maybe a new world is what I need. So, I started punching holes in the fabric of time and through constant pounding have created a small universe where I can hide when I want to be alone.

It’s actually the room under my stairs, but sitting there with my glo-stick and rave music playing was very pleasant until my dog demanded I leave as he was trying to sleep. I turned off the rave and this appeased him, although he snorted consistently and let out the occasional sigh. So, there I was feeling quite content and blue coloured when I heard rustling amongst the paint tins. My glow stick grew dimmer. I felt nervous. I could make out a shadow and my fur stood on end. A low groaning sound came nearer and nearer. I couldn’t turn around. A gigantic hand planted itself on my shoulder. AAAArgh. Oh, it’s David Mitchell!



Allo again..

Here are more reasons to avoid mainstream music. May not be for everybody but neither are lotsofthings….like looting and XFactor and drinking Southern Comfort.

6. Various Production – Maskmen

7. Thom Yorke – Skip Divided (Modeselektor mix)

8. Various Production – Wot U Say

9. The Raveonettes – Aly, Walk with me

10. Roots Manuva – Again and Again

This Various Productions song is really infectious. At first, I thought it was a bit y’know, but then I realised it was supremely oh yeah I see. Watch them live on the net. They all dance funny. Also, go to their website where there’s an hour long mix absolutely free.

I was driving home from work one night and this came on. I liked “Eraser” to a certain extent, but the “Skip Divided” remix by Berlin electronic producers Modeselektor (Check out Hello Mom) explores the darkest depths of the original and added a fairly scary soundtrack to my lonely drive home. There’s someone in the back seat, aaargh. They think they can drive better than me!

Okay, another from Various Production. There something a bit Kate Nash or Lily Allen about this, but only if those hags had been brought to a singing coach and given 1000ccs of rhythm, while being injected with the knowledge of the gypsy. Gypsys are such fun,really they are.

I was introduced to the Raveonettes only a few weeks ago and this song has been going round my head ever since. Like a combination of the Velvet Underground and the Jesus and Mary Chain, this Danish band are worth their weight in bacon. Speaking of JAMC, was 2008 the year when Glas Vegas conned the planet? Starting out as a talent show on an Irish language TV station, they quickly ripped off the JAMC sound and their prick of a singer walked around as if he was the first person ever to wear shades. How up yourself can you get? Alternative music is really starting to feel wallpapery.

Roots Manuva has been probably the best hip hop to come out of Britain in a long time. This opener to his latest album Slime and Reason is a mish-mash of styles, hip hop; reggae; calypso; early 1980s test match cricket… A nice Summery sound to warm me up on this cold, cold day.

So that’s pretty much the extent of it. Feel free to disagree, but I guarantee there is at least one song there that someone will like.