Stretchcast Volume 2: Cheep cheep seated hatred/Snow means Snow

Stretch again and again and again…

So, a fairly rushed number deux. Still, it’s loud, uplifting, downlifting and slightly treacherous, poignant and obnoxious. Just like me. Anyway, a special Christmas one coming soon. Now, Stretch will re-enter real life where he is not welcome. Flump!

INTRO: Ivor Slaney – Easy Prey (Terror/Prey) 2. PVT – Window (Church with No Magic) 3. Various Productions – Maskmen (Maskmen EP) 4. Selfish Cunt – Feel like a woman (English Chamber Music) 5. Meat Beat Manifesto – Acid Again (Actial Sounds and Voices) 6. Modeselektor – In loving memory (Hello Mom!) 7. New Order – The Him (Movement) 8. Prolapse – Bruxelles (The Italian Flag) 9. Bonobo feat Andreya Triana – Stay the Same (Black Sands) 10. Underworld – Scribble (Barking) 11. Anti Pop Consortium – Volcano: Four Tet Remix (Volcano EP). 12. Roots Manuva – Again and Again (Slime and Reason) 13. Negativeland – Over the Hiccups (Escape from Noise) 14. Jaga Jazzist – Oslo Skyline (What We Must)

Increase Volume for Number 14. Downloadable (Click arrow on side of Soundcloud yokey)

No ChikChok! It is my turn to listen to the Stretch MacGibbon Stretchcast Number Deux



these guys used to be called Pivot, but some other band called Pivot tried to sue them, so now they are called PVT and this new tune is out on Warp Records. I like it, it’s y’know. Pan Sonic had the same problem with names when they were called Panasonic. A little known electronics manufacturer got all “say what?” and forced them to cease and desist from using the name, so they became Pan Sonic. Something similar happened to the Irish band Skid Row (starring everyone’s favourite housewife, Brush Shiels) whose guitarist, the great Gary Moore, sold their name to Sebastian Bach (no relation) so he could sing songs about being in gangs and having Heather Locklear’s hair. I think he had Heather Locklear too. The same happened to novelty dog punk rock act, Motley Crue, who received four thousand bags of Markies from Vince Neil, then a dentist. The human Motley Crue went on to fame and fortune but the Labrador, the Portuguese Water dog and the Australian Sheepdog gorged on the Markies and died, because dogs don’t know when to stop. A Kerry Blue on bass and a axe-wielding Pug still tour the clubs of East LA under the name Muttley Crew and released their fifth album called raunchily “Dogs don’t know when to stop” seven years ago. I mean, last year.