skinny pixies

shamelessly taken from broadsheet.

Gowin dowin to Dubalin towin

Ah…mes amis, here’s something special.

I remember listening to this as a small Stretch and thinking that this is what the God must sound like, albeit with an Afro and a Dubalin accent. Stretch is in the mood….

hang on that’s durthy

And she moves among the flowers…

I’m tired… exhausted… all I can think of is songs and the things that cause my mind pain… Are all National songs

There she is again!!!

designed to make you want to punch the nearest person while crying? Is Florence ever off my fucking TV? Is screaming GangGreen songs out the window while overtaking a cop car the best use of your drive to work? Is getting old actually as shit as it feels? Do the things you look forward to, look forward to you? Do they? Why do I know who John McCarthy and Brian Keenan are and others don’t?

Where do you go to my lovely when you’re alone in your bed? My bed.

Tonight there’s going to be a jailbreak somewhere in this town. At the Jail

If you like the musical form of Xanax that is Massive Attack; if you like the crazy hyperventilating moanbag that is Hope Sandoval; if you like the Brazilian who could make you dance along to a cremation, Gui Boratto, well then, with a huge lack of grammatical structure here they is all togethers in the one little music. I bet you they didn’t all meet in the same room. Why that would be like a bag of monkeys and a bag of cats eating from the same jar of treacle.

Metallica’s got talent/What did I get myself into?


I woke up today with an Afro. It wasn’t mine, How did it get there?

It made me happy. I walk differently now. But how did it get there?

I wear velvet now too. I’m gettin heat, if you know what I mean. How did it get there?

Ah, magpies!

Rob realises it's and exhibition of Lars' Art they have to go to!

Rob realises it's an exhibition of Lars' Art they have to go to!

Speaking of pies, here’s a fun clip from the movie Metallica: Some kind of Monster where one of my heroes joins the most unhinged band on the planet. If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it, regardless of your feelings on heavy metal. It is a laugh a minute document of mental breakdown, even though everything’s apparently all lovely now. I don’t think Robert Trujillo ever had to talk about his feelings in his Suicidal Tendencies days, but now that he has the big cheque??????

Despite their emotional situation, they do manage to do the business live. See them all prozac and xanexed up at Jacob Marley Park on August Uno…..Support for Metallica (minus dead bassist) comes from Thin Lizzy (minus dead singer), Alice in Chains (minus dead singer) and a whole host of living musicians…..

Lars Ulrich, an offensive Dane long before those crazy cartoonists!

By the way, watched Teeth last night. Best movie about vagina dentata since The Queen.